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Well, even though I don't watch Bleach, I liked this little meme created by telophase telophase
She is a goddess at creating these things.

Here is MY own Zanpakuto:
Lindsay's Zanpakutō:

Try 1:
This zanpakutō, named Aura Flute, transforms into a tiny, black jo wrapped in colorful ribbons at Lindsay's command of "Show, Aura Flute!"  It produces pulses of infrasound that cause opponents to become uneasy, anxious, or frightened.
What's Your Zanpakutō?

Try 2:
This zanpakutō, named Fire Cherry Blossoms, transforms into a short chain mace with a short chain at Lindsay's command of "Thrive, Fire Cherry Blossoms!"  It cages the opponent in vines.

Try 3:
Lindsay's Frost is always activated, and resembles a mighty bisen-to taller than the wielder. It creates pillars of rock around an opponent.

Try 4:
Lindsay uses the command "Sever" to transform Beast Defender into a gleaming hurlbat which moves faster than the eye can see. It has two techniques: first, it enhances the wielder's sense of hearing, and second, it allows the wielder to detect living minds within a radius of 10 meters, regardless of barriers.

Try 5:
Saint of Oblivion can produce extreme, nonlocalized pain in the opponent's body and resembles a gleaming chain mace with an elegantly carved handle after it is unsealed. Lindsay invokes shikai with the command "Spread, Saint of Oblivion!"

Try 6:
Lindsay uses the command "Manifest" to transform Fire of Hell into a robust, transparent quarterstaff. It has two techniques: first, it creates a ball of spiritual energy that can be directed by the wielder, and second, it dispels a kido attack.

Its all so much fun!
Ourakiritsu Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
I tried one of those recently. I got Rainbow of Judgement, a shiny bullwhip that shoots out ultrasonic waves that liquifies matter. The Bankai Form is a chain and sword.
holypalidin Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
the website no longer works
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